Q&A with Will Dejesus of TaxTerminal.com at 10-11 46th Avenue

Earlier in January, TaxTerminal.com opened an office at 10-11 46th Avenue, its third office in Queens. We recently sat down with the owner of TaxTerminal.com, Will DeJesus, a Certified Public Accountant, to learn more about his new office. Here’s what he had to say:

The Court Square Blog: When was your business founded and what services do you provide?

Will Dejesus: We started as a brick an mortar practice in my home town of Corona Queens and quickly realized that there is a “Brick” and “Click” opportunity. We then started to build the TaxTerminal.com Web and Mobile app to facilitate the process for our personal and business clients.

TCSB: How does TaxTerminal.com differ from other tax preparation companies?

WD: We are a modern day CPA tax and accounting firm because we have our own Proprietary Web and Mobile app. Instead of you having to physically go to an office, wait in line, or do your own taxes, you can engage with us as your CPA firm via our mobile app or web app from anywhere in the world. In addition, all tax returns are completed by our office and reviewed and signed by the onsite CPA. We also have all inclusive packages for business owners that include payroll, bookkeeping and business tax work. In addition, if you like the old fashioned meet and greet model, we have our local office in LIC and an office in NYC servicing all We Works Locations in the 5 boroughs!

TCSB: Why did you decide to open a location in Long Island City and what do you enjoy about the neighborhood?

WD: I am a Queens born native but I also spent my business life in New York City. That, along with the outstanding growth in LIC, it was a natural choice for us. I now live and work in LIC and I take the ferry to NYC We Works locations regularly.

TCSB: What qualifications do your employees have?

WD: I put my employees through a rigorous training program that includes customer service, personal tax business tax and tax savings initiatives. I am a former Professor at Baruch College so I train and track the training of my employees myself.

TCSB: How can people schedule an appointment with your CPAs?

WD: You can schedule an appointment on our website. You can come visit us at our office at 10-11 46th Avenue or call us at 718-606-0404. Or, you can go Millennial Modern by downloading our mobile app.

Will Dejesus

Will Dejesus of TaxTerminal.com

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