Red Lion Inn & Suites takes over at 42-24 Crescent Street

Red Lion Inn & Suites has taken over for Comfort Inn at 42-24 Crescent Street earlier in January. Among the amenities of the hotel include free wi-fi, complimentary coffee and bike rentals, free on-site breakfast and fitness center. Here’s more information from its website:1

At Red Lion Inn & Suites Long Island City, you’ll wake up each morning with adventure waiting on your doorstep. If you do need to head downtown, our hotel is conveniently right across the river from Manhattan, and only a short walk from the subway. You can visit Midtown during the day, and enjoy Queen’s attractions in the evening. When it’s finally time to lay your head down, our plush bedding and ample amenities ensure you’ll rest easy.

42-24 Crescent Street

A view of 42-24 Crescent Street

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