Hamlet – What Dreams May Come coming to Secret Theatre in Sept.

Hamlet – What Dreams May Come
By Wm Shakespeare

Sept 13th – Sept 30th
Evening performances September 13/14/15/20/21/22/26/27/28/29 @ 7.30
Matinee performances on September 15/16/23/30 @ 3pm
Tickets available online at secrettheatre.com $25 door / $22 advanced

The Secret Theatre and Ript Theatre Company are delighted to announce their co-production of Hamlet – What Dreams May Come.

Red Bull Associate Producer Nathaniel Winkelstein & Secret Theatre Artistic Director Richard Mazda join forces for an unique 4 person cast in a version that should come in at 90mins. Director Nathaniel is promising a Hamlet that will shift and move at a fast pace.

HAMLET (What Dreams May Come): Prince Hamlet seeks to revenge his father’s murder, but must sacrifice his love, his life and perhaps his very mind to accomplish it.

4 performers embody all of the characters in this innovative new Hamlet; a fast paced, non-stop whirlwind of mind and body as rational thought battles with hysteria. The Secret Theatre teams up with Ript Theater Company on this exciting production. Ript’s Hamlet has eliminated over half the text of the original play, as well as several notable characters. Fortinbras has been removed both in person and reference. Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are, indeed, dead. These cuts focus the lens on the family drama at the center of the story. A byproduct of this harsh cut is a script that toggles dizzyingly between Stillness and Action, Comedy and Tragedy, Estrangement and Pathos. This enables the audience to experience some of the dislocation that Hamlet is experiencing in his own world.

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