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The land is an inexhaustible resource that offers multiple opportunities to anyone, regardless of the purpose for which they buy it: to use it for personal purposes, for its maintenance and the family, or for the development of a business. In this article, we will talk about the land where you can set up your dream ranch.

What you need to know when you buy land

Location and right land price are not the only factors to guide you. Even if your land is right and the price is eye-catching, it’s a good idea to thoroughly investigate the whole situation before you hurry to throw the money. If the price difference is noticeable, compared to other properties visited, which meet the same conditions, be circumspect. Instead of excitement, ask yourself: is there a reason why the owner gives it away so cheap? Or several reasons? Which are those? Get more in-depth into the hole, talk to your neighbors, learn the opinion of the specialists, and then make a decision. You can find out all you need to know from the specialists at

I tell you this because many want to give up life in the block and enjoy the advantages of the ranch. However, you must always be careful about the choices you make. That’s because land that may seem the perfect choice at first may hide some inconvenience. For example, there is the possibility that you can not build on it what you originally planned or you can not build at all.

Minimal utilities: gas and electricity

Costs associated with services are quite high if the sales pitch you identified in your searches is located outside the city. So be careful. It would be good if the land you are acquiring allows you to connect as easily to gas and electricity. Current water, for example, you can get it relatively quickly, by drilling a well. For sewerage, you build a septic tank. As far as TV cable and Internet access is concerned – most distributors of such services have expanded quite a lot of coverage, and in principle, you will not have any difficulty in taking advantage of this type of service.

Oasis of tranquility and greenery

Those who leave the big cities behind and move to the periphery want to get rid of the noise and pollution. So, buying a piece of land somewhere near the main street is perfect.  Experts in real estate recommend the choice of area, 20-30 m from a street or traffic road. Thus, we protect ourselves from noise and pollution. Also, it would be ideal if the courtyard is in the opposite side of the access road and in that part of the house that leads to the street there is a vegetation area, whether it is trees or shrubs or various plants. Go  here.

Risk of flooding and landslides

The land should not be located in a riverbed or near wastewater. To ensure the stability of your home in the event of an earthquake or flood, it is advisable to do a geophysical study before purchasing the land, depending on how thick the foundation of the house will be. With the geophysical research – an insignificant and straightforward procedure, we find the soil profile to a certain depth, and you will be able to make a bright idea of ​​what you have to do in connection with building the foundation, cellar or any basement dwelling, how deep the drilling yard must be.

Knowing the details provided by the geophysical study, the designer will know what sizes to put for reinforcements, beams, boards, etc. and so will not charge you with costs that are useless.

How big the yard is

Most people prefer to buy land with a surface somewhere around 1,000 square meters. When the lot is purchased strictly for the construction of the house and a small fencing fence, the yard becomes cramped. In this regard, request an informative urbanism certificate, in which you will find specified by the authorities all the legal, economic and technical details of the land and buildings already existing in that area, and you will also see what requirements must be met new buildings in that area.

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Before you buy the land, consult with a good architect. He will tell you whether or not you can build the type of home you want on that land. It does not make sense to buy your property and only then realize that what you want to do cannot be achieved.

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