22-43 Jackson Avenue begins to rise

The last time we checked in at 22-43 Jackson Avenue was back in May, when excavation was underway on site.1 We stopped by last week and saw that the project is in the foundation phase, with rebar rising from the ground.

Eventually, a mixed-used building will rise containing 63,956 square feet of residential space and 11,725 square feet of commercial space.2 On site signage calls for a winter 2019 delivery.

New York YIMBY has more details:3

The residential component will be divided between 71 units, giving an average unit size of about 900 square feet. That would normally correspond to rentals, but Long Island City and the neighborhoods to the east can occasionally see condo developments with relatively small units, so that is not impossible here.

22-43 Jackson Avenue

A view of 22-43 Jackson Avenue

22-43 Jackson Avenue

Rendering for 22-43 Jackson Avenue

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