Checking in at Massa’s Pizzeria & Bar at 42-12 28th Street

Recently, we checked in at Massa’s Pizzeria & Bar at 42-12 28th Street and saw that construction is mostly wrapped up, with owner Bill Massa now targeting an opening within the next few weeks.

“We’re hoping to be opening the first week of December,” owner Bill Massa said in an email to The Court Square Blog.

In the meantime, construction is nearing completion, as seen in the photos below.

Here’s more from our full interview with Massa in September:1

We’re going to serving old school pizza. It’s authentic, coal fired, brick oven pizza. We’re going to make it fresh to order, pies only; no slices. It’s the way pizza was made back in the original days. My great uncle Patsy Lancieri worked at Lombardi’s and opened Patsy’s in East Harlem in 1933. His nephew Patsy Grimaldi started working there when he was 14 and opened Grimaldi’s under the Brooklyn bridge and later opened Juliana’s in Brooklyn. Frank Sinatra was a good friend and loyal customer of Patsy’s and even mentioned it in concerts as well as other celebrities. We want our pizza to be made in the same way. So my philosophy is to make my pizza fresh, made to order, and old school with a full bar and a modern vibe.

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