Shipping Containers for Sale: Should I Buy One for My Housing Structure?

Container homes are just one of the many ingenious housing structures we’ve seen. We love that building homes out of recycled shipping containers is an eco-friendly practice, thus owners of such housing structures contribute in taking care of the environment. By using these rather than traditional construction materials, millions of shipping containers abandoned in shipyards around the world are reduced and put to good use.

Besides the fact that it encourages reusing and recycling tons of huge metal boxes which could have been easily considered as trash, building container homes has also some major advantages that are too hard to pass up. These include durability, safety, faster and easier building process, and a huge cutback on a typical housing fund. Look at this interesting article that shows an example of beautifully designed container home.

Understandably, these major advantages would keep you thinking, “So, why don’t I consider buying some unused shipping containers for building my new home?” That sounds like a great idea. But first, consider factors to make sure it is the perfect choice for you. 

What are the local planning laws and building regulations in your area?

Basically, this is the first question you should ask yourself. Not because building a home out of shipping containers is an eco-friendly practice, you already have the absolute freedom to do it in your area. Perhaps, some areas are not too strict with building regulations. They might not have a long list of dos and don’ts of building practices and what construction materials to use and not to use.

You should however acknowledge that these laws and regulations vary from place to place. Always check whether nontraditional housing structures are allowed in your area. You should ensure a building permit and know what it is entailed in it. Failure to do these crucial pre-construction steps may put you at risk of fines and worse, your building be taken down when you have already spent a hefty amount of material resources on it.

 Can you find an experienced, reliable contractor?

Unless you have the knowledge and skills that are needed for building homes out of shipping containers, it is necessary to find an experienced and reliable contractor who will work on your project from start to finish. Contractors who know well the right skills, materials, and techniques needed for building container homes can give you much-needed advice on crucial areas such as the right type of shipping containers to buy, the best kind of insulation, and how to tackle your plumbing and electrical needs.

It’s not always easy finding contractors who are experienced in this kind of project. Therefore, searching for a reliable contractor should be done long before you build a container home. If you can’t find one, you might cancel the idea especially if your housing project can’t wait any longer. 

What’s your plan for insulation?

Without proper insulation, you may suffer extreme temperatures inside a container home. It could be scorching hot in the summer and freezing cold in the winter. That would be very uncomfortable especially for young children, sick, or elderly family members.

It is also important to note that the right kind of insulation can protect your home’s interior from harmful chemicals from paints and pesticides.

Do you live in a windy area?

Windy areas are not suitable for container homes. The harsh noise your house makes can be terrible and annoying. Any homeowner would consider this as uncomfortable living condition. Therefore, you may decide to use another construction material if you live in an area prone to strong, harsh winds.

Which type of shipping container should you buy?

If you’ve already carefully reviewed the factors mentioned above and you think building a container home is suitable for your situation, the next step is to buy the right shipping container. While high cube containers are typically more expensive than the standard size, contractors often recommend this type for building housing structures, especially if there’s a need to heavily insulate your floor and ceiling. Find out more information about that here:

Building a home out of shipping containers is a great idea. It has many advantages that are too hard to pass up. However, you should carefully consider whether it is suitable for your situation or not. If it is and you really want one, then go for it and build the home of your dreams.

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