Building Inspection in the UK

A building survey can actually help you when it comes to renegotiating the price of a building that you want to buy. To know more about surveying, click this link here.

You have to do a complete research or a due diligence when it comes to buying a property. Doing so can save you thousands of pounds in the long run. You might even have cold feet about buying a property when you discovered that there is a lot to fix or the location is not very convenient for you.

Some of the questions that can be answered by a building inspection include the state of the property you are looking to purchase and the boundaries that it covers. Property surveyors are the ones who can help you complete a building inspection. But first, let’s take a look at the definition of a property survey.

What is a Property Survey?

You can commission a building inspection at any time of the year. Most likely, you will need to hire a surveyor in order to satisfy the requirements of a mortgage company or if you want to know how much are the actual worth of the building that you will be paying for.

A property surveyor’s job is to research your property thoroughly. This can include the deeds, histories, previous sales, and titles. The title should not have any discrepancies with the owner of the land. The owner of the land should be the same person who is trying to sell the building to you. You might be dealing with their hired real estate agent but in the end, the name in the title should match the name of the actual owner of the property. The surveyors can also look into legal land descriptions and the sketch of the building and its surrounding areas.

Fieldwork is all about making sure that the sketch or map of the whole property matches the boundaries indicated. If the last survey on the property was made in the 1900s, there might be trees and landmarks that are not present anymore. It is the job of the surveyor to look at the new buildings, streets, and a lot more to determine where the whole property starts and ends.

The right of Ways and Easements

Your surveyor can also determine if you have a right of easement to your neighbor’s property. For example, your neighbor might need to pass on your property in order to get access to the road. There might also be shared driveways, yards, and alleyways that can be determined during a survey. You can know more about surveyors near you by visiting the website of

Does everything sound simple right? A report will be generated and it will tell you all about the property that you are going to purchase. If there are stipulations that are included in the survey, it will also be included in the report. You can get an excellent property surveyor in the UK to do all these for you. You will be informed about the potential problems and the costs of renovating the building. You can also do a follow-up if you want to know more about the building.

Why Get a Survey in the First Place

Most people think that a building inspection is just a waste of money. This is not the case for some. You might be making a huge and costly mistake when you purchase a building that is leased in someone else’s land. You can read more about leasing in this website:

Examples of Disastrous Mistakes in the Past

A couple hired a property surveyor to check a piece of property. They have found out that the building was located in a land that is part of a public park. There is already an order for the building to be removed or relocated to a piece of property that is actually owned by developers. The couple prevented a financial crisis by being diligent. They were not able to spend hundreds of thousands of pounds and a lot of time in a courthouse just because of a property surveyor.

Make Intelligent Decisions Today

You can hire your own chartered surveyor today and make sure that you are making the right decision when it comes to purchasing a property. You can do your research in order to find legitimate companies in your area.

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