Plywood fence up at 11-52 44th Drive

A plywood fence has been installed at 11-52 44th Drive as demolition looks like it’s about to begin. A one-story structure, former home to a car mechanic, will be knocked down and a mixed-use building will rise in its place.

New York YIMBY was the first to spot construction permits back in September, 2017.1 Here’s what they wrote about the site:

Daniel Gazal of 11-52 44th Drive, Inc., has filed applications for an eight-story and 19,014 square-foot building. Within, there will be 1,773 square feet of retail on the first floor, and 14,115 square feet of residential up above, divided amongst 22 units. At an average size of about 630 square feet, rentals seem likely.

11-52 44th Drive

A view of 11-52 44th Drive


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