On our fifth anniversary, a guide to what’s coming in 2019

Dear Readers,

If you can believe it, we recently celebrated the fifth anniversary of the first post on The Court Square Blog.1 It’s been an incredible journey giving you, our loyal readers, the daily account of what’s going on in our neighborhood. And after five crazy years in Court Square, there still is no shortage of stories,2 such that this blog has remained a daily since its inception, which means we’ve brought you more than 2,000 stories during that time!

With all of that in mind, here are the major projects and storylines we are tracking for you in 2019:


  • Massa’s Pizzeria & Bar at 42-12 28th Street.3 Delivered, December 26, 2018.
  • Xi’an Famous Foods at 26-19 Jackson Avenue.4 Estimated Delivery: Spring 2019.
  • Sweetleaf Coffee at 28-10 Jackson Avenue.5 Estimated Delivery: Spring 2019.


  • Barre3 at 44-16 23rd Street.6 Estimated Delivery: Unknown.
  • Court Square Animal Hospital at 42-38 Crescent Street.7 Estimated Delivery: May, 2019.
  • InstaVet at 44-16 23rd Street.8 Estimated Delivery: Spring/Summer, 2019.
  • Kitchen Plus More at 43-25 Hunter Street.9 Estimated Delivery: Unknown.
  • Sudvino (liquor store) at 43-25 Hunter Street.10 Estimated Delivery: Unknown.


  • ‘Corte’ at 21-30 44th Drive.11
  • ‘Gallerie’ at 22-12 Jackson Avenue.12
  • ‘Eagle Lofts’ at 43-22 Queens Street.13
  • Tishman Speyer’s ‘Jackson Park’ at 28-10 Jackson Avenue.14


  • 22-24 Jackson Avenue, former home of 5Pointz (48 story mixed-use build).15 Estimated Delivery: Fall 2019.
  • Rockrose’s project at 43-12 Hunter Street (18-story mixed-use build).16 Estimated Delivery: Winter 2019.
  • 23-15 44th Drive (78-story, 702-unit mixed-use tower).17
  • Tishman Speyer’s project at 28-07 Jackson Avenue (Two office buildings nicknamed One and Three Gotham Center).18 Estimated Delivery: Spring 2019.
  • ‘The Craftsmen’ at 10-42 47th Road (Townhouses).19 Estimated Delivery: Unknown.
  • 42-20 27th Street (15 stories with 99 units).20 Estimated Delivery: Unknown.

All that and more coming in the next year. So here’s to a great 2019!

-The Editor

2 thoughts on “On our fifth anniversary, a guide to what’s coming in 2019

  1. Big fan of the site! I work in LIC and you have kept me in touch with all the new goings on in the neighborhood. Happy anniversary!

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