5 Top Dealers and the National Leader in Used Forklifts For Sale in VA

Are you looking for the best firm selling second-hand durable and high-quality forklifts in Virginia? Here is a review of the best 5 that offer competitive prices of reliable equipment with a long service life that requires less to no costs for maintenance and service.

1. Coastal Material Handling



Coastal Material Handling is a family owned company that was established in 1989. They are well-known as the company for used forklift! The key center of their attention is on helping clients to save money by providing second-hand forklifts that are high-quality and affordable.

They fix broken forklifts and sell used trucks. They also sell parts for forklifts and offer rental services too. They can be found in Chesapeake, Virginia and they serve areas such as Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Suffolk, Chesapeake, Newport News, and Richmond Virginia area.

2. Allstate Equipment



When talking about new and secondhand dock lift, warehouse, or electric forklifts trucks or pallet jacks, being idle is the highest expense linked with having it. Allstate, the one stop dealer in VA, knows a lot about this than anyone else can understand. This is the reason that they offer comprehensive service for forklifts. They also provide preventative programs to maintain the equipment at their company in Virginia, Chesapeake, attending to clients’ needs on the entire of Hampton Roads.

These programs are intended to service your trucks at the maintenance intervals recommended. The entire program for maintenance is the finest way to lessen the costly downtime of your forklifts. The fully trained and skilled technicians will deliver a performance assurance that you deserve via the programs available at the dealership in Virginia.

3. Sun Equipment Inc.



Sun Equipment rules as the national leader in used forklift for sale in Virginia Beach, VA. They sell second-hand forklifts i.e. electric forklifts, tele handlers, wheel forklifts, cushion forklifts, gas forklifts, narrow aisle forklifts etc. To make buying easier and more affordable for their clients, they offer financing options for qualified customers.

You can bet that Sun Equipment can meet your needs – it doesn’t matter if you want an old model of a used forklift or a refurbished forklift, you can be sure that they will provide the best equipment required to handle goods and/or materials.

They are committed to your satisfaction guarantee. Their extensive inventory contains diverse forklifts for various applications in industries. Find the product you need to improve your day-to-day operations and keep your business running smoothly.

4. Homestead Materials Handling Company



This company is part of the Jefferds Corporation and they provide services to people in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, and outside. Their dealerships provide solutions for all equipment for material handling needs such as pallet handlers, electric forklifts, dock equipment, rough terrain forklifts, used forklifts, pneumatic tires etc. Visit this website to read more: https://repository.library.northeastern.edu/files/neu:336871/fulltext.pdf.

They have offices in various locations – Chesapeake, Roanoke, Winchester, Richmond, Verona, Lynchburg, and Chilhowie in order to meet all your material handling equipment needs. They are official sellers for new machines from Linde, CLARK, Doosan Crown, and Combilift forklifts. Furthermore, they offer parts for the equipment, shelving, mobile tire press, service, racks, and roll up doors, overhead crane inspections, and rentals for the equipment.

5. A.M. Davis Inc



A.M. Davis Inc. is also a family owned business that is operating in Richmond, Central Virginia and nearby areas for over 70 years.

They are your dependable hotspot for new and second-hand forklifts as well as rentals, service, parts in Central Virginia. A.M. Davis is a Material Handling dealer that sells Big Joe electric forklifts, UniCarriers Forklifts, dock hardware, Genie elevated gear, and different racking, and other services for equipment to handle materials. Click here to read more. Regardless of whether you are in the market for a fresh out of the box new forklift or a quality utilized forklift, they have numerous alternatives to meet your budget and requirements.

They have expertise in providing dependable services that started from a client to the 24 hours facility for producing. With devoted road specialists driving completely prepared service trucks, they can touch base at your office immediately and with a large portion of the regular forklift parts and instruments expected to finish the service for your forklift, forestalling expensive downtime.

In conclusion, when you buy reliable used forklifts from these companies, you don’t need to stress over its upkeep, and it won’t bring about any downtime at your business. The industry experts keep striving to offer you dependable and moderate forklift arrangements that will assist you with growing your business to where it should be.

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