Industrial Lubrication Systems: How poor lubrication practices can cost you

Has technology brought more harm than good, or is it the other way around? Well, as people are still trying to find out which one outweighs the other, a lot of innovation is being done thus more and more machines are still being made to be used in different types of industries.

As we all know, most them, especially the heavy-duty ones are usually made using a lot of components some of which are movable to aid in the functioning of the asset. For such machines to be at maximum operation point or for them to function efficiently, these parts need to be well maintained.

Proper maintenance of lubrication systems usually include cleaning them up, lubrication, and proper storage among others. Let’s look at lubrication and how it can negatively affect you when done poorly.

1. Under-Lubrication

As said above, it is always a bit easier to notice when a machine lacks lubrication. Well, sometimes you might choose to ignore the signs and continue using it, but it won’t last long before it breaks down.

The excess heat usually produced from the friction between the moving parts can radiate and cause serious damages to the machine or even fail totally. This is where you need to use the ultrasound equipment to help you save on the operating costs.

This is because it will help you notice when you need to lubricate as it often provides you with a visualization of the ultrasonic waves showing you lubrication levels. This device will save you more time and is also easy to use.

2. Over-lubrication

You’ve always heard people talk about too much of something being dangerous, right? Apparently, this is quite true. When a machine lacks proper lubrication, you will probably know

It will start producing some squeaky sound as the moving parts rub against each other or sometimes it will fail to function properly. Well, when lubricating, you also need to know that lubricants also do have their own volume and might cause you some trouble if you overdo it.

Most of the time it might cause your machine to jam and this will make you take some time off to try and fix the issue. Besides, over-greasing can also make the seals to fail and damage the bearings. This is why you need to be lubricated with a lot of keenness.


3. Using a wrong lubricant

This is another great point that should be taken into consideration when lubricating. Apart from just damaging your asset, using a wrong lubricant on a machine can also void its warranty.

This is why it is always recommended that you read the manufacture’s guide as they often contain all the instructions required for you to operate the machinery, including what lubricant you should be using.

If you still don’t know, using a different lubricant can lead to a total machine failure. This is why you need to be extra careful when reading the user guidelines if you don’t want to incur unnecessary costs. Click here to find out more on using the wrong lubricant.

4. Mixing lubricants

If you have been using machines for long, you probably know that all lubricants are usually not created equally, right? This is why it is always not a good idea to mix lubricants as it can cause great damages just the same as not lubricating at all.

For instance, if you mix a mineral based lubricant with a synthetic lubricant and use this on your machine, the results will be leakages and total failure. This is because the mixed lubricants will either shrink or expand the nearby seals thus causing failure.

When this happens, you will be required to part away with a few bucks for repair as the damaged parts need to be replaced. Mixing the lubricants will only provide you with an unstable mixture which is not good when used on a machinery.

Well, when you do this, you will not only damage your asset, but you will also have wasted the little remaining lubricants that could have been used somewhere else.


If you are going to do something, do it right at least to avoid doing it again or even to avoid further damages. Machines are usually meant to make work easier but if they keep on breaking down each time, they become a burden or a liability. This is why you need to know some of the best lubrication practices and keep your machine working efficiently for a long  period of time.

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