Construction finishes for Sweetleaf Coffee at 28-10 Jackson Avenue

Construction has finished for Sweetleaf Coffee at 28-10 Jackson Avenue and opening is imminent.

We stopped by the new location last week and snapped a photo of the finished interior that you can see below. A construction worker on hand said that the coffee spot is trying to open before the end of the month.

This will be the fourth location for Sweetleaf, and the third in Long Island City. The other locations include 4615 Center Boulevard and 10-93 Jackson Avenue in Long Island City, and 1159 Freeman Street in Brooklyn.

Signage first appeared back in November, 2017.1

Here’s more about Sweetleaf from their website:

The Sweetleaf coffee is the perfect blend of art and science. Sweetleaf was founded in 2008 by Rich Nieto, a Queens native who wanted to roast coffee that reflects New York City: diverse, sophisticated and decidedly unique. Great coffee isn’t just consumed; it’s experienced. At Sweetleaf, we are continually experimenting and refining to create a distinct experience that sets us apart.

28-10 Jackson Avenue

A view of 28-10 Jackson Avenue

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