Work resumes at 21-16 44th Drive

Back in January, we reported that a stop work order had been issued at 21-16 44th Drive.1 The stop work order has since been lifted and work has restarted. Work is currently in the foundation stage, as seen in the photo below. Permits call for an eight story-mixed used build, with 19,989 square feet of commercial space and 19,799 square feet of residential space for a FAR of 3.98.2

The occupancy classification on the permit calls for “HOTELS, DORMITORIES” and there will be 29 dwelling units. The permit still has the same contact information as one previously filed associating the project with Amsterdam Hospitality.34

21-16 44th Drive

A view of 21-16 44th Drive

21-18 44th Drive

Rendering for 21-18 44th Drive

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