Q&A with Myra Lee from FonceGlow at 13-03 Jackson Avenue

In February, we reported that FonceGlow opened at 13-03 Jackson Avenue.1 Recently, we sat down with owner Myra Lee to get her take on what FonceGlow brings to the neighborhood. Here’s what she had to say:

Q. Tell us about FonceGlow.

A. FonceGlow started in 2013. At FonceGlow, beauty is in our DNA. We believe every stroke, swipe, and dab reveals possibility. We take Beauty, Flawless Skin and Empowerment seriously. We share our guest’s love for the confidence a beauty session can bring. FonceGlow encourages bold choices in Beauty and in life with the purpose of inspiring fearlessness.

Q. What kinds of services do you provide?

A. Our list of services include:

  • Acne Treatments
  • Anti-aging Treatments
  • Body Scrubs
  • Body Treatments
  • Body Wraps
  • Brightening Treatments
  • Eyebrow Services
  • Eyelash Services
  • Facial Massages
  • Facial Treatments
  • Hand Treatments
  • Lip Treatments
  • Mask Treatments
  • Oxygen Treatments
  • Pore Cleansing Treatments
  • Private Parties
  • Skin Extractions
  • Waxing Services
  • Wrinkle Treatments

Q. Why did you pick Court Square to open your business?

A. The broad, diverse community in Long Island City attracted us the most. Long Island City feels like home with our vision of making bold choices in beauty and in life!

Q. Can you give us your contact information?

A. We are located at 13-03 Jackson Avenue, and are open 7 days a week. From Monday to Saturday, we are open 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. On Sundays, we are open 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Call us at 929-463-3650, email us, or visit our website.

13-03 Jackson Avenue

A view of 13-03 Jackson Avenue

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