Uni K Wax Studios coming to retail space at 22-22 Jackson Avenue

Uni K Wax Studios is coming to the retail space at 22-22 Jackson Avenue, said owner Preksha Sheth in an email to The Court Square Blog.

Set to open in late spring of this year, it offers bikini line front, underarm and upper lip services for women and commando line, shoulders and nostrils for men.

The franchise has more than 10 locations spread throughout New York City, and also in Florida and New Jersey. Along with Long Island City, Uni K Wax Studios also recently announced an opening in Chelsea.

22-22 Jackson Avenue is also home to a residential space and SP Plus Parking1

Here’s more about Uni K Wax Studios from its website:

Our pine-based, proprietary elastic-wax formula is created with pure, honest ingredients for optimal comfort on even the most sensitive skin. Applied at body temperature, it exfoliates and nourishes, while its flexible elasticity adheres directly to the hair, leaving only smooth skin behind. A true friend to your skin, our wax is gluten-free, completely all-natural, and about as gentle as it can get.

22-22 Jackson Avenue

A waxing service is coming to 22-22 Jackson Avenue

2 thoughts on “Uni K Wax Studios coming to retail space at 22-22 Jackson Avenue

  1. Uni K Wax Studio has been open since July 24!
    This is definitely worth trying if you’ve never tried waxing or have had a bad experience before.
    Walk ins are welcome or you can book online!
    They are looking at different options for the outside space so feel free to provide feedback. Last I heard, I think a nice seating area was being discussed…

    Btw, right next door is a full service hair salon and they just opened this week! I got my hair done yesterday and it was perfect!! I booked online and they have excellent stylists on deck – https://www.blowandarrow.com

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