Partial stop work order issued at 41-14 27th Street

We last stopped by 41-14 27th Street in February when pipe scaffolding had been erected on site.1 We stopped by last week, we saw that a partial stop work order exists on site, as seen in the photo below. The work order is related to grouting work. Signage calls for a winter 2020 delivery.

More details were unearthed by New York YIMBY:2

The development would hold 30 apartments spread across 22,710 square feet of residential space, plus 2,080 square feet of ground floor retail. Typical apartments would weigh in at 750 square feet, and each of the upper floors would have four apartments, except for the top floor, which would only have two units.

41-14 27th Street

A partial stop work order was issued in March

41-14 27th Street

A view of 41-14 27th Street

41-14 27th Street

A rendering for 41-14 27th Street

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