Drink Me, Taste Me – An Exhibition of Curious Things opening reception 4/13

Drink Me, Taste Me – An Exhibition of Curious Things
Exhibition on View: April 11 – May 12
Opening Reception: April 13, 7-10pm
Curated by Norma Homberg

A fine art exhibition where the artwork will also serve as the stage for the full-length musical production of “Painted Alice”, a satirical adaptation of Lewis Caroll’s “Alice In Wonderland” that takes place in an art gallery. Alice, a painter who has lost all inspiration after getting her first commission, distances herself from her partner and falls through her blank canvas into a visual art inspired wonderland where she is forced to answer the question: “Does domestic bliss equal artistic death?”

This exhibition features artwork based on the traditional novel of Alice falling into a rabbit hole with peculiar anthropomorphic creatures, as well as the production of “Painted Alice,” where life, art and many curious things collide.


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