‘LIC Plaza Hotel’ opens at 40-40 27th Street

LIC Plaza Hotel has opened at 40-40 27th Street.

We last checked in on the hotel back in November when signage had appeared.1 The hotel finally opened in late March.

According to permits, the hotel contains 70 residential units with a 600 square foot parking area and 24,981 square feet of overall space.2

Here’s more about the hotel from its website:

The LIC Plaza hotel is an independently owned boutique hotel. We are located at 40-36 27th Street in Long Island City. Our 70 room hotel features simple but elegant single and double rooms. Our mission is catering to the average budget minded traveler who does not wish to compromise on comfort. Our staff is friendly and ready to help make you feel at home. Comfort and convenience need not be pricey. Come stay with us and make your trip to NYC a memorable one.

LIC Plaza Hotel

A view of LIC Plaza Hotel

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