Work resumes at 41-21 23rd Street

The last time we checked in at 41-21 23rd Street in May, the building had just topped out.1 Since then, a stop work order was issued March 5 for “WORK DOESN’T CONFORM TO APPROVED CONS’T DOCS, SAFETY STRAPS INSTLL ARE WEB DEVICES & APPRV DOCS STATE PALMER TO B/USED.”2 That work stop order was rescinded partially on April 9 and then fully on April 14.

According to permits, there will be 23,182 square feet of residential space and 1,493 of commercial space at a FAR of 4.99.3 Delivery is expected in winter of this year but is more likely to deliver in 2019.

41-21 23rd Street

A stop work order has been lifted

41-21 23rd Street

A view of 41-21 23rd Street

41-21 23rd Street

Rendering for 41-21 23rd Street

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