Q&A with Lisa Zhao for Moge Tee at 42-38 Crescent Street

In April, The Court Square Blog was the first to report that Moge Tee was opening a location 42-38 Crescent Street.1 We recently spoke with Lisa Zhao, who, along with partners Caroline Lu and Jason Zheng, are the owners of the new tea spot. Here’s what she had to say:

Q. Tell us about your philosophy behind your teas.
A. We only use natural and fresh ingredients. Some places use powder for their teas and we don’t do that. We freshly brew our tea and we only use fresh fruit. It may take a little longer to make the tea, but the quality is much more important to us.

Q. Why did you pick Long Island City and specifically Court Square?
A. I personally live nearby. There are more and more people moving to the area who love bubble tea but don’t have a place nearby to go to. The closest one is more than a 15 minute walk away. We figured it was a great time to bring bubble tea to Court Square with all the things going on in the neighborhood. We are centrally located to all of the subways and all of the new bars and restaurants in the area. We are going to be offering a LIC local residents appreciation stamp card when we open.

Q. You have another location at 38-03 Main Street in Flushing. What are the similarities and differences between the two locations?
A. We are going to offer all of the drinks in Long Island City that we do in Flushing. But we are also going to be serving desserts as well (though we may not have it during our Grand Opening). One of the desserts we’ll be offering is a soufflé pancake with multiple flavors, one of which is cream and tapioca balls. The other dessert option is Dorayaki, a Japanese cake with sweet paste inside. They’re both delicious.

Q. When are you planning on opening and what will your hours be?
A. We’re planning to open sometime in May and our hours are going to start at 10:30 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. But we want feedback from our customers to see if they’d want us open for breakfast.

Moge Tee

A variety of Dorayaki flavors

Moge Tee

Bubble soufflé pancake

Moge Tee

Milk Swirl (Taro)

42-38 Crescent Street

A view of 42-38 Crescent Street

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