Moge Tee to soft open at 42-38 Crescent on Tuesday

Moge Tee will be having its soft opening at 42-38 Crescent Street on Tuesday, and will have its grand opening this weekend, staffers told The Court Squre Blog.

Permanent signage was installed on site at the 652 square foot retail space last week, as seen in the photo below. Construction paper that had previously covered the windows was taken down, revealing the interior.

“We freshly brew our tea and we only use fresh fruit,” co-owner Lisa Zhao said in an interview with The Court Square Blog.1 “It may take a little longer to make the tea, but the quality is much more important to us.”

Here’s more about Moge Tee from their website:

MÖGE TEE is committed to delivering the finest Bubble Tea in America, using only natural and fresh ingredients to deliver new and fashionable drinks that are extremely rich in flavor for our customers! Our exclusive formula allows our drinks to contain ZERO trans fats and maximize health benefits. We insist on using only the finest quality teas and fresh cheese imported from Australia! This allows for the fragrance to be fresh and more natural, matching with imported authentic Uji matcha.

42-38 Crescent Street

Signage has appeared for Moge Tee

42-38 Crescent Street

A view of 42-38 Crescent Street

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  1. Just passed by. Pleasantly surprised by the flavor combination of the Cheese Foam and Dragonfruit. Happy it was fresh fruit. Will need a holder for the ice scoop.

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