Book Culture LIC: A Special Storytime with Ethan T. Berlin, June 2

A Special Storytime with Ethan T. Berlin
Book Culture LIC: 26-06 Jackson Avenue
06/02/2019 – 11:30am

Join us at Book Culture LIC on Sunday, June 2nd at 11:30am for a special storytime with author Ethan T. Berlin, as he reads from his picturebook, The Hugely-Wugely Spider.

We’ve all heard of the Itsy-Bitsy Spider right? But have you heard of the the Hugely-Wugely Spider? He’s just like Itsy-Bitsy except he’s a little—no—a lot bigger.

The Hugely-Wugely Spider went up the water spout, well not really, because he wasn’t invited by the other spiders. And maybe because his size was bit of an issue . . . But that didn’t stop him from trying. The Itsy-Bitsy Spider and his friends get into a bind when down comes the rain and threatens to wash them out, and only the Hugely-Wugely Spider can save them. With his quick thinking and huge thorax, Hugely-Wugely clogs the drain and saves the day.

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