Rendering appears at 45-57 Davis Street as work begins

We last checked in on 45-57 Davis Street last August when construction crews had demolished a one-story building.1 When we stopped by last week, we saw that a rendering had appeared on site, and that excavation had started, as seen in the photos below. Developer Solomon Feder is planning a mixed-use building on site that will rise nine stories according to DOB permits.

The Real Deal was the first to report the permits filed back in February 2018.2

Feder is planning a nine-story, 158-unit residential building on the development site at 45-57 Davis Street, according to plans filed on Wednesday with the city’s Department of Buildings. The building will span about 107,000 square feet overall, with about 290 square feet carved out for retail space.

45-57 Davis Street

A view of 45-57 Davis Street

45-57 Davis Street

Rendering for 45-57 Davis Street

3 thoughts on “Rendering appears at 45-57 Davis Street as work begins

  1. This is a joke of a rendering. This building will be 10 steps away from a 15-storey building on 45-50 Pearson Street, blocking all light into those apartments. On the bright side, it will also block some of the noise of the 7 train as it screeches along a turn on the tracks, which is already incredibly noisy at 45-50 Pearson Street, a whole lot farther away than this building at 45-57 Davis Street will be. This building will be right up again those train tracks and the first couple of floors will get absolutely no light because of this. The developer is such an asshole, but at least they’re not idiots, as a bunch of idiots will pay a lot to move into the building.

  2. As LIC Resident said, this developer (Solomon Feder) is despicable. The whole building is going to vibrate every time the 7 rolls by, which is about 200x per day. Who knows what kind of mental toll that’s going to take on the poor saps who actually decide to live in this mistake of a building.

    Meanwhile, the construction has made living at Pearson Court Square extremely uncomfortable at times – the noise goes from 6am until 9 or 10pm sometimes. My wife, who has cancer, can never sleep past 6am because of the noise, which goes SUNDAY through Friday. I’m lucky enough to be able to sleep with earbuds. It’s also invaded our amenity space and will end up completely blocking the view and natural light for the first ten or so floors.

    You’re a massive dick, Solomon Feder. Hope you choke on your lobster that this ridiculous project will continue to help you afford.

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