Four Winters to open at 47-38 Vernon Boulevard on Friday

London-based Four Winters, an ice cream shop, will open a new location at 47-38 Vernon Boulevard on Friday, a source told The Court Square Blog on Monday evening.

Four Winters is an international chain, with multiple locations in London, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt and Los Angeles. The company came to prominence by creating ice cream from -196 degree liquid nitrogen.

Check out more on their website.

LIC Post was the first to report that an ice cream shop was coming to the former home of Standing Room.1

47-38 Vernon Boulevard

A view of 47-38 Vernon Boulevard

47-38 Vernon Boulevard

A Four Winters t-shirt

2 thoughts on “Four Winters to open at 47-38 Vernon Boulevard on Friday

  1. Total joke, run by amateurs. Went by Sunday afternoon, closed bc they ran out. Wtf. Opening weekend in the summer and they aren’t open?

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