Q&A with the Williamsburg School of Music at 45-02 23rd Street

Earlier in August, The Court Square Blog reported that the Williamsburg School of Music opened at 45-02 23rd Street.1 We sat down with owner Craig Howe recently to find out more about his school. Here’s what he had to say:

The Court Square Blog: Tell us about the Williamsburg School of Music.

Williamsburg School of Music: I (Craig) opened our first location on Bedford Avenue six years ago to better serve a community (that I live in) that was lacking a local music school.  Over the years we have grown our staff and number of students, taught a ton of people of all ages to play an instrument, and are really excited to be expanding to LIC!  The neighborhood is growing so much and we are looking forward to growing with everyone here.

TCSB: What is your philosophy in teaching music to your students?

WSM: WSM’s overall goal is to make music lessons accessible, interesting and fun without losing the educational value.  Every one of our staff has had a stuffy music teacher at some point in their life and it can really take away the joy of learning an instrument! Every student is different, and every teacher is different, so we don’t use an overarching teaching method.  Every student gets a personalized lesson plan based on their goals and interests, and we pair them with teachers who we think will be a good fit.  All ages, skill levels and styles are welcome here!

TCSB: Sounds great! When can we come and check your school out?

WSM: We’re open Monday through Friday from 1 .pm. to 9 p.m. and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.  We offer a free introductory trial lesson – they can be scheduled by contacting us at info@williamsburgschoolofmusic.net or at 718-963-3600. Please also visit our website and check out our Instagram page. Come say hi!

45-02 23rd Street

A view of 45-02 23rd Street

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