A Guide: Experiencing the Best That New York Has to Offer

If you’re ever fortunate enough to travel to New York, you owe it to yourself to have an unforgettable experience. You don’t know when or even if you’ll return to the Big Apple again, so you have to make every second you spend in the city count.

To find out what you can do to experience the very best that New York has to offer, make sure to read on.

Head to a sports game

If there’s one thing New Yorkers are passionate about, it’s their sports teams. Throughout the city, you’ll hear people analyzing last night’s Red Bulls match, or you’ll hear them making predictions about tonight’s Knicks game. To fully immerse yourself in the sporting culture of New York, then, you must head to a NY-based stadium and experience the thrill of the live sporting action that takes place within it.

Why not throw yourself even deeper into the action by betting on the games that you watch? By placing bets on Unibet, even if they’re only small bets, you’ll instantly have something riding on the outcome of the matches that you spectate, which will, in turn, make the whole event a lot more exciting for you.

There will be some sort of sporting event taking place, no matter what time of year it is. If, however, you just so happen to travel to the city while your favorite sport is in the midst of its off-season, fear not, as there are still ways to get your sporting fix. Most of the NY-based teams offer tours of their respective stadiums — even the Yankees open up their doors to the public in this instance.

Make time to enjoy Central Park

Most visitors to New York lament the fact that they could have spent a whole week exploring and enjoying Central Park. You don’t want to come away from your trip with any regrets, which is why you should set aside a lot of time to enjoy the world’s most famous urban park.

In order to ensure that you see as much as you possibly can of Central Park, you should seriously consider renting a bike. This will allow you to see everything that the park has to offer, from it’s world-famous Zoo to its stately Elm tree forests.

Take in the sights of Times Square

You can’t take a trip to the Big Apple without taking in the sights of Times Square. This is one of the world’s most recognizable urban areas, and it definitely throws up a fair few amazing photo opportunities!

Free Tours by Foot claim that a trip to Times Square wouldn’t be complete without:

  • Experiencing the Midnight Moment
  • Seeing the naked cowboy
  • Hearing a gospel choir
  • Seeing The Tonight Show with Stephen Colbert
  • Visiting National Geographic Ocean Odyssey
  • If you want to truly experience everything that the city of New York has to offer when you visit it, then you need to put all of the above advice into practice.

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