SculptureCenter: Opening Reception for Searching the Sky for Rain, Sunday, September 15

SculptureCenter is pleased to present Searching the Sky for Rain and École du soir (The Evening Academy). Join us to celebrate the opening of both exhibitions on Sunday, September 15, 2019, 6-8pm.

Searching the Sky for Rain

A group exhibition that brings together works by artists who disregard the ways in which the art industry regulates, classifies, compartmentalizes, and essentializes difference into sanctioned categories. The artists in Searching the Sky for Rain defy the fracking of particularities into niche-marketed, T-shirt formulations of “identities” for institutional meaning and value production. Instead, they rally for not-yet-articulated aesthetics. The question raised by the exhibition is: who has the right to abstraction?

The exhibition includes work by: Carmen Argote, Tony Cokes, Rafael Domenech, Mandy El-Sayegh, Charles Gaines, ektor garcia, Jacqueline Kiyomi Gordon, Tishan Hsu, Rindon Johnson, Becket MWN, Shahryar Nashat, Michael Queenland, Johanna Unzueta, Jala Wahid, Eric Wesley, and Riet Wijnen.

École du soir (The Evening Academy)

SculptureCenter presents Christian Nyampeta’s ongoing investigation into the question of “how to live together” in and after turbulent times. The artist’s project consists of a scriptorium (a place for writing), an exhibition, and public programs concerned with “thinking Africa,” then and now.

Rindon Johnson, So it’s pretty big, it’s about twice the size of my fist, you can hear the bag is crunching as I turn it over, there’s not a single animal, no insect, nothing, it is so old it reflects back blue light, so on a very clear, cool day, it is hard to say where it is that the sun meets the sky., 2018, detail. Rawhide and white cotton rope. Dimensions variable. Courtesy the artist and AALA Gallery, Los Angeles.

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