Q&A with ‘Form + Flow’ at 27-01 41st Avenue

Earlier in September, we reported that yoga studio ‘Form + Flow‘ opened at 27-01 41st Avenue.1 Recently, we sat down with owner Shelly Yang to speak to her about her new studio. This is what she had to say:

The Court Square Blog: Tell us about Form + Flow.

Form + Flow: Form + Flow is a brand new yoga and art studio in Long Island City. Our studio is designed with modern and simple decors that generate an earthy and organic atmosphere. We focuses on building a strong community in LIC by gathering folks who are interested in wellness and art. Our studio strongly support local and international artists, designers and photographers to display their works at our studio. We would especially love to work with young and emerging artists to give them a space to reach a broader audience.

TCSB: What is your philosophy with yoga instruction?

FF: Our signature Form + Flow class (60 or 75 mins) is traditional vinyasa where we sync body and breath to create a moving meditation that strengthens and stretches the mind and body. We also offer morning and lunch hour Fit + Flow (45mins) classes that move slightly in a faster pace to stimulate the mind and body. All of our yoga instructors have many years of teaching experience. Our classes are designed to work for all students and all bodies, whether beginner or advanced. And all classes are taught in warm room temperature. We do not teach heated yoga, however the room may heat up from bodies in motion.

TCSB: Why did you pick Long Island City for your location?

FF: Long Island City is one of the most exciting and growing areas in NYC. Over the years, we have witnessed how quickly the area has changed. Many young working professionals and families have moved into the neighborhood, and LIC has been working hard to improve its infrastructure to make the are more livable. With new office and residential buildings coming up to the market, we definitely feel the need to bring wellness and art to area. We strongly believe that both art and yoga can cultivate positive energy and culture values to the neighborhood and its people.

TCSB: How can we find out more about your classes and schedule?

FF: Please check our website for our latest class schedule and pricing information. The studio is open everyday when there are classes taken place. You may also email us for any other inquiries, including private classes, events and etc. Lastly please follow us on Instagram.

Form + Flow

A look inside Form + Flow

Form + Flow

A second look inside Form + Flow

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