Q&A with Favor Lashes at 23-10 Jackson Avenue

In September, we reported that eyelash studio ‘Favor Lashes‘ opened at 23-10 Jackson Avenue.1 Recently, we sat down with them to speak to her about their new business. This is what they had to say:

The Court Square Blog: Tell us about Favor Lashes.

Favor Lashes: At Favor Lashes, our expert lash artists will sit down with you to create the look that elevates your natural beauty. We take exceptional pride in the eyelash application process with the most up to date techniques. We offer high-quality Korean products with each application. You can select from a variety of different sets of eyelashes, curls, and shapes. Whatever your day holds, we will make sure you will not have the hassle of utilizing eyelash curlers, mascara, or strip lashes. You wake up, and you are ready to go.

TCSB: What is your philosophy with how you interact with your clients?

FL: At Favor Lashes, we do things a little differently, but our passion is all the way with our clients. We provide highly trained, professional staff in a comfortable, clean, and friendly environment. We are uncompromising in maintaining our high standards of quality, consistent in our effort to build an always-improving employee and management team. We are taking every opportunity to identify and satisfy the needs of our clients and staff. We understand that every single lash we apply must be designed to satisfy clients. Together we are creating an environment that is based on mutual trust and respect. We strive to make Favor Lashes an environment where everyone is acknowledged, recognized and appreciated.

TCSB: Why did you pick Court Square to open up your business?

FL: Court Square has been developing the last couple of years drastically. Not only the sky creepers rose, but we believe our neighbors’ lifestyle has also risen. Therefore, we wanted to bring high quality and skilled services to our neighbors, make their life even better!

TCSB: What are your hours and how can we find out more?

FL: We open Monday – Friday 9:45am – 7:30pm, Saturday 9:45am – 6:45pm. Visit our website, Instagram, or call (646) 897-2127 to find more about us!

23-10 Jackson Avenue

A look inside Favor Lashes

23-10 Jackson Avenue

A second look inside Favor Lashes

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