Signage appears for final Rockrose retail space at 43-25 Hunter Street

Signage has appeared for a 5,140 square foot retail space at Rockrose’s Hayden at 43-25 Hunter Street.

Is is the final remaining retail space in the building, with Kitchen Plus Hardware and Household, City Chemist and Sudvino Wine Shop occupying the other spots.1

Here’s more from the Rockrose website for this space:

Boasting a dynamic office, tech, residential and arts community, as well as an exciting dining scene, Long Island City is New York City’s most talked about destination neighborhood. Conveniently located, it is the hub of multiple subway lines. Become part of this growing community in LIC’s Court Square with this exceptional ground-floor space geared toward smart retailers who bring something beyond the ordinary.

43-25 Hunter Street

A view of 43-25 Hunter Street

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