Book Culture LIC: Nicole Zelniker on Last Dance on Jan. 15

Book Culture LIC: Nicole Zelniker on Last Dance
01/15/2020 – 6:30pm
26-09 Jackson Avenue

Join Book Culture LIC on Wednesday, January 15th at 6:30pm as they welcome Nicole Zelniker for the launch of her new short story collection, Last Dance.

“Last Dance is the impressive debut short story collection from Nicole Zelniker. With her clear, accessible prose and sharp insights into the human condition, she skillfully illuminates such difficult themes as HIV, eating issues, and mother/daughter dynamics, with an eye that is perceptive and unsettling, but not without redemption. Stories such as ‘Aftermath’, ‘Lucky, ‘ or ‘Hands’ clearly demonstrate her emerging talent.”
– Geraldine Mills, author of Hellkite

“Zelniker’s collection of stories gives voice to the unheard, to the lost, and to those who feel invisible, vulnerable, and are struggling to be embraced. The writing is filled with weighty details and metaphors that make the stories sing.”
– Sandra Fox Murphy, author of Aging Without Grace

“Nicole Zelniker has produced a splendid debut collection of well-crafted, original, wonderfully readable coming-of-age tales. A delightful collection by a gifted storyteller.”
– Jay Neugeboren, author of Imagining Robert

“In her willingness to go places dark and light, and in prose that is both crystal clear and palpably suggestive, Nicole Zelniker reminds us that to be human means to move in complex concert with others, even when our individual dances feel like strange, dizzying solos. Watching her characters contend with the motions of their lives is like being allowed inside a room you recognize but take in from a fresh, exposed corner. A wonderful debut collection.”
– Myl ne Dressler, author of The Last To See Me

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