New York Irish Center Hosts Original First Irish Theatre Festival: Appropriate

WHAT: Irish Theatre Festival: Appropriate
WHEN: January 27th – February 2nd 2020
WHERE: New York Irish Center, 1040 Jackson Ave # 3, Long Island City, NY

New York Irish Center is hosting a play from January 27 – February 2nd called Appropriate. Appropriate is a darkly comic tale of Sorcha; queen bee of her small West of Ireland town and proud fiancé of ex-county hurling hero Marty. It is about tradition versus modern life, our insatiable appetite for matrimony, the glamour, trials and tribulations of being a GAA ‘widow’, and celebrates the hilarious peculiarities of small town Irish life.

This show is a part of the wider New York festival called the First Irish Festival, which brings over several very talented Irish artists from Ireland every year to participate in a showcase at various NY venues.

The play will be on every night at 8 pm.

Click here for more information and to buy tickets!

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