Pop-up ‘Daily Spoon’ opens at 25-34 Jackson Avenue

Modern Asian pop-up restaurant “Daily Spoon” has opened at 25-34 Jackson Avenue.

The soft opening took place over the weekend, and owner Tristan Chin-Fatt told The Court Square Blog that the grand opening will take place later this week. He is doing this project in conjunction with partner Deon Whiskey.1

The menu includes various baos and wontons, and also rice bowls that include jerk chicken, Korean beef and spicy pork. They will also serve various soups and noodles.

Chin-Fatt and Whiskey are also the owners and founders of Destination Dumplings, a modern take on dumplings, which has been featured in popups at Governor’s Ball, Smorgasburg (Williamsburg, World Trade Center and Prospect Park), and CitiField, among other locations.

Both have cooked in Japanese, New American, Mexican, Italian and French styles.

“The influence of flavors is drawn from many cultures and countries, our style is a representation of not only our own mixed heritage but the city which we grew up in and both still live today,” Chin-Fatt said.

It takes over for Subway, which closed in 2019.2

Here’s more about Destination Dumplings from its website:

The founders of Destination Dumplings are self-described as “Two Kids From Queens”. Both born in 1984 in the dumpling capital of the borough… Flushing. They have been long-time friends and both married wives who were also best friends. ​ Currently Chef Tristan Chin-Fatt and Deon Whiskey have used their unique and different talents to help grow Destination Dumplings into an exciting pop-up in every corner of their beloved city.

Tristan Chin-Fatt

Tristan Chin-Fatt celebrates the opening of Daily Spoon

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