Little Chef Little Cafe aiding needy residents in LIC Relief program

‘Little Chef Little Cafe’ at 5-43 48th Avenue has started preparing meals for Long Island City residents in need during the coronavirus pandemic, and has been accepting donations to help fund it, owner Diana Manalang wrote in an email to The Court Square Blog.

“The cafe is remaining open and we are serving through the takeout window,” Manalang said. “Yesterday, we sent almost 60 meals over to the seniors at Jacob Riis and Queensbridge housing with another 27 today.”

Manalang added that her restaurant is trying to fill the void left by New York City schools shuttering until at least April 20 as part of the LIC Relief program. The City’s “grab-and-go meals” for needy students is still running, but it will only remain open for this next week, mayor Bill de Blasio announced earlier in the week.1

“We are gearing up to make sure we have meals next week when the schools will not be able to provide the meals for the children who are on the program,” Manalang said. “We are still in business and we are also asking for donations to fund the meal program.”

The donation can come in the form of a monetary donation, or donation of service. More information on the LIC Relief program can be found on the New City Church website.

Little Chef, Little Cafe

A look inside Little Chef Little Cafe. Photo Credit: Joshua Scherr

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