GoFundMe started for LIC’s Yoga Room, Workout Factory, PilatesWorks

The cornoavirus pandemic has shuttered many businesses as major cities like New York City have attempted to stem the spread of the disease.

That has led many in the service industry to suffer, including those in fitness. Local fitness studios The Yoga Room, The Workout Factory, and PilatesWorks are among the business who have shut down during the past week, and owners Martin Kerestes and Zhana Galijasevic have started a campaign to help pay instructors and support staff while their doors are closed.

“With the closure of all our studios, we have all lost a place to practice and work out, and our staff have lost their livelihood,” Kerestes wrote in an email. “While we as a small business are suffering greatly, we are determined to fund our losses and persevere until it is safe to reopen. But many of our staff have gotten into an even more difficult financial situation as all their income has ceased.”

The GoFundMe campaign has a targeted goal of $30,000, and nearly $5,000 has been raised so far. All of the proceeds will be donated to staff, on a case by case basis, based on urgent financial need.

“We thank you in advance for your support,” Kerestes said. “We are sure we will get through this crisis together as a community and we get to rebuild soon.”

The Yoga Room

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