LIC Community Acupuncture offering free herbal consultations in April

LIC Community Acupuncture is offering free remote herbal consultations during the COVID-19 crisis.

While the physical location at 42-72 Hunter Street is currently closed, LIC Community Acupuncture still has ways to help its customers deal with heightened anxiety, indigestion, or insomnia, and managing chronic conditions like neck and shoulder pain.1

“There is a wide range of herbal formulas that can be used for many of our common ailments today,” owner Seung Park wrote in an email to The Court Square Blog. “One of the most compelling arguments for trying herbal therapy or using it in conjunction with conventional medicine is that they can often be taken very safely with minimal side effects.”

We spoke with Park via email to find out more about his herbal consultations.

THE COURT SQUARE BLOG: Take us through a typical herbal consultation.

LIC COMMUNITY ACUPUNCTURE: In an herbal consultation, we learn about your health goals and take a full health history so we know who you are, and where you want to go. Depending on your current condition, medical history, health goals, lifestyle, and current interventions (like medications, physical therapy, etc.), we can recommend an herbal formula if it seems right for you. This recommendation will be unique to the individual. Even if two people come in with the same complaint, it may be caused by very different reasons. Because of this, the herbal formula can be very different for each person. Also, the formula may change along with the patient’s response. If they are improving, certain aspects of the formula may no longer be needed. If it is not effective or too slow, we may want to ramp up certain parts.

TCSB: What kinds of effects can these herbs have on our ailments?

LICCA: While herbs are natural (many of them are roots, leaves, branches, minerals, etc.), they can have very strong effects. Some have been studied to have antiviral and antibacterial properties and have been found to be effective against microbes like H1N1, staphylococcus, SARS, and other coronaviruses. But attacking the pathogen is just one way that herbal formulas work. Many times, the goal is to balance the body so it is strong enough to fight off the infection itself. Some herbal cold remedies are completely based on strengthening the immune system to do just this.

TCSB: You mentioned it can also treat insomnia. How can herbs help this?

LICCA: For things like insomnia, the problem could be about the nervous system not being able to shift appropriately into the resting phases. In these instances, an herbal formula may be chosen to help with these transitions, rather than a formula that is meant to act just as a sedative. And with issues like pain, there is often a multi-pronged approach with some herbs used for their anti-inflammatory properties, other herbs used for their nourishing properties to help with tissue repair, and other herbs used to enhance circulation to deliver the nourishing herbs, and clear waste from damage that may occurred.

TCSB: How about if I’m suffering from seasonal allergies?

LICCA: Or for people with allergies, there is often an internal imbalance causing their system to be hyper-reactive to things that are benign for most people. With herbal medicine, decreasing the reaction may be part of the strategy, but a larger part may be to balance the body so it no longer gets so aggravated. It’s like when we’re stressed – we become more reactive to little things. But when we’re in a calmer place, we can brush things off much more easily.

TCSB: How do I do a consultation with LIC Community Acupuncture?

LICCA: If you’re interested in learning about how herbs can help, please reach out to Park and his staff at for a free consultation during the month of April.

42-72 Hunter Street

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