Nice to Meet You + A Call for Ads!

Hello, LIC Court Square Blog Readers,

As you may have read, Wesley has relocated to California, and I am the proud new owner of the site. I wanted the blog because I am a lifelong resident of Queens, and have lived in Court Square for 14 years now. I love this neighborhood of Long Island City, and there are too many exciting things happening here to let the blog fizzle out. LIC Court Square Blog has been a valuable resource to me, and I have every intention of building on the solid foundation that Wesley created.

So here we are. As Wesley mentioned, I am co-founder and President of Modern Spaces. We opened our doors on Vernon Blvd. 11 years ago, and now occupy space on 46th Ave., two offices in Astoria, and most recently, an expansion in Jersey City. One thing Modern Spaces has always valued is community involvement. We don’t just open offices and put up buildings here. Our team of agents and staff live and work here, just like you. We want small businesses to thrive, we want great schools for the kids, beautiful parks for all to enjoy, and for artists to maintain a presence here.

To that end, we would like to offer free ad placement to our local businesses: if you have a restaurant, shop or other small business in Court Square, feel free to submit your ads. We will also be doing small business spotlights in the future, so be on the lookout for that. This is a difficult time for small businesses and we want to help in whatever way we can to help.

Our marketing team will manage the day to day operations of the blog and we would love to hear from you: what content do you want to see? Any changes or new ideas you would like to see realized? Please don’t hesitate to reach out. We are open to your feedback!
You can drop us a line at:

Your neighbor,


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