Signage appears for One LIC at 42-10 27th Street

We last checked in on 42-10 27th Street back in September 2018 when construction crews had taken down pipe scaffolding to reveal the outside façade.1 When we walked by last week, we saw that signage has appeared for the building, which is called ‘One LIC.’

Currently, there are studios available for $2,800, one bedrooms for $3,100 and three bedrooms for $5,000 per month. Modern Spaces has been retained as the leasing agents.

Amenities in the building include a 21st floor rooftop lounge, fitness center, kids playroom, storage units and a doorman.

The building is a 110-unit, 18-story building with 81,424 square feet of residential space and 8,645 square feet of commercial space.2

Here’s more about One LIC from the building’s website:

Elevate your lifestyle at One LIC. Long Island City’s new 21-story premium residence makes an impact with its impressive design and a combined 10,000 square feet of amenities. This luxury rental embraces LIC from a new perspective. Superbly crafted, One LIC’s façade is reflective of the striking contemporary collection of residences inside — a welcome chic addition to the streetscape it rises above. Well situated in the heart of LIC at 42-10 27th Street, it’s an ideal location that gives residents access to Queensborough Plaza’s superior transit options.

42-10 27th Street

Signage has appeared for One LIC

42-10 27th Street

A view of 42-10 27th Street

42-10 27th Street

Rendering for 42-10 27th Street


A look at construction for CityMD Urgent Care at 42-10 27th Street

Construction is well underway for a CityMD Urgent Care at 42-10 27th Street.1 We stopped by last week and saw that sheetrock has been installed, as seen in the photo below.

Opening is expected later this month.

Overall, the building is a mixed-use build with 110 units, 18 stories, and 81,424 square feet of residential space and 8,645 square feet of commercial space.2

Here’s more about CityMD Urgent Care from their website:

We serve our communities by providing quality medical care through convenient access and an exceptional experience, and we consider this mission with every patient that walks through our doors. Quality medical care means hiring the best board-certified doctors. It also means providing our doctors with ongoing medical training and information, along with the most modern technology, and built upon the philosophy of serving patients with kindness.

42-10 27th Street

A look inside 42-10 27th Street

LIC CityMD Coming Soon Signage Photo

A CityMD Urgent Care will open at 42-10 27th Street


A look inside Star Tower at 27-17 42nd Road

Star Tower, a luxury condominium located at 27-17 42nd Road, is selling quickly, real estate broker Aggie Cheng, who represents Star Tower, said to The Court Square Blog.

“We are ecstatic over the enthusiasm and interest we’ve seen in Star Tower,” Cheng said. “We love that we are contributing to a vibrant, fast-growing Long Island City community.”

Star Tower came to market in April 2019 and currently has one and two bedroom availabilities starting in the $800,000s for one bedrooms and $1,400,000 for two bedrooms.1

Closings are expected to begin in fall 2019.

“This sleek, contemporary, 21st Century tower has elements that hark back to Long Island City’s industrial roots,” Cheng said. “The canopy on the entrance and the bays made of stone and metal were inspired by the old loading bays of an earlier day.”

Its amenities include an attended lobby, rooftop lounge and garden with sweeping views of Queens and Manhattan, automatic car parking system, a media and fitness room and outdoor playground. The building also features a 421-a 15-year tax abatement, with low common charges at less than 0.80 cents per square feet including gas.

Star Tower provides a wealth of the finest building-wide amenities across both the entire penthouse and the entire second floor for a truly luxurious condo lifestyle,” Cheng said. “Spectacular views of Manhattan, unmatched convenient location and a 15 year tax abatement make this condo offering special.”

The building is within a five-block radius of subway stations at Queensboro Plaza, Court Square and Queens Plaza, each with a train line that is only one stop from Manhattan.

“LIC has become the “go to” home of trend-setting new parks, restaurants, bars, hotels, groceries and shops, a delightful destination all its own,” Cheng said. “And Star Tower is steps from seven subway lines just one stop to midtown Manhattan or trendy Williamsburg and enjoys easy access to close-by airports, highways and beaches.”

27-17 42nd Road

A view of Star Tower at 27-17 42nd Road

27-17 42nd Road

A view of a living room from Star Tower at 27-17 42nd Road

27-17 42nd Road

A view of the rooftop from Star Tower at 27-17 42nd Road

27-17 42nd Road

A view of a bathroom from Star Tower at 27-17 42nd Road

27-17 42nd Road

A view of a bedroom from Star Tower at 27-17 42nd Road

27-17 42nd Road

A view of a kitchen from Star Tower at 27-17 42nd Road


Massa’s Pizzeria located at 42-12 28th Street adds brunch pizza, trivia night

Massa’s Coal Fired Pizzeria & Bar located at 42-12 28th Street has expanded its menu to include brunch and also has added a trivia night.1

The new bunch pie features pancetta, sunnyside eggs, cheese and scallions for the crowd arriving mid-morning.

“It’s perfect for a Sunday morning when you want to combine our coal fired oven pizza with the best of breakfast ingredients,” owner Bill Massa said. “It’s something that we’ve been asked a lot about and we are happy to deliver it.”

Massa’s has also joined NYC Trivia night on Thursdays from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. Competitors can win prizes and also take advantage of Massa’s happy hour.

“We wanted to be part of the emerging Long Island City community,” Massa said. “Hosting a community event is one of the ways we’re doing that.”

Massa comes from a famous lineage of pizza makers. His great uncle Patsy Lancieri worked at Lombardi’s and opened Patsy’s in East Harlem in 1933. His nephew Patsy Grimaldi started working there when he was 14 and opened Grimaldi’s under the Brooklyn bridge and later opened Juliana’s in Brooklyn.

The pizzeria made its much anticipated opening in December, 2018.

“We’re making authentic, coal fired, brick oven pizza,” Massa said. “We make it fresh to order, pies only; no slices. It’s the way pizza was made back in the original days.”

Massa’s has also added online ordering for dine-in, take-out and delivery on Caviar, Seamless, Uber Eats and GrubHub.

Massa’s is open from Sunday through Wednesday from 11:30 a.m. to 11 p.m. and Thursday through Saturday from 11:30 a.m. to 2 a.m.


What To Do When A Loved One Is Struggling

The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) reports nearly one in five US adults are living with a mental health illness and, although there are various conditions, chances are you will know someone living with such an issue. Despite this fact, very few of us know what to do when someone they care about is struggling – or even know how to identify the signs.

People with mental health or addiction issues will have good and bad days, but you need to know what to do to help them through the tough times. So first, educate yourself about what the warning signs may be. This is relevant even if someone hasn’t been diagnosed with a mental health issue because they may not recognize the symptoms themselves. If they don’t know the signs (or even if they do), then you can help them before things get too much for them to cope.

Those signs can include:

  • A change in work or school performance
  • Social withdrawal
  • Losing interest in hobbies or anything else they usually enjoy
  • Changes in mood and/or hygiene standards
  • Unusual absences

If you do speak to them about how they’re feeling, make sure you’re careful with your choice of words. Don’t criticize their behavior or use words or phrases that sound judgmental. You’ll make them feel worse, and look like you’re being unsupportive.

Making your loved one know you will support them no matter what will help them at their lowest points. Even if you don’t live near them, assure them that they can still talk to you on the phone when they want to speak to you. You don’t even need to say anything; just making yourself available, or knowing you will be if they ask, can be enough. They are not alone!

You can be the most supportive person in someone’s life, but you won’t have all the answers to everything when it comes to their mental health or addiction. Sometimes, visiting a medical professional may be the next step.

They can go to a physician, counselor, or psychologist to help with diagnosis and managing the symptoms of their condition. If they want you to, you can help them plan their first visit to a therapy session, so this way, they don’t miss out any critical information.

Attending programs or going to residential treatment centers may also aid you loved one overcome their struggles, even if that person is a teenager, with facilities such as Ignite Teen Treatment offering specialized programs for young people. There are plenty of options out there, depending on a person’s age and their condition, so explore all of what’s available to you.

Additionally, it might be that the first option they try isn’t the best one for them. Your loved one may want to give up, but encourage them to stick with it and always offer your support as they find the correct treatment.

Giving your loved one all the support they need – no matter what – will help them on the path to being in control of their issues.